CNC Mold Making

What is CNC mold making?

Injection molding is the top choice for mass-producing plastic parts. It heats and injects pelletized material into a pre-made mold, creating the desired shape as it cools and hardens. This efficient process works with various materials, including thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers, making it cost-effective for large-scale production.


What is injection molding?
Injection mold-making is the go-to method for mass-producing plastic parts. The process is streamlined to maximize cost savings and part production. First, pelletized material is placed into a heated container to turn molten. It is mixed with a helical screw to maintain a smooth consistency and to speed up the heating process. The liquid is then pumped – or injected – with a plunger into a premade mold, which shapes the material into the desired form as it cools and hardens. Sometimes another component is inserted into the mold cavity as the material cools in a process called insert molding. This adds another level of complexity to the mold. Most often, injection molding is done with thermoplastics, a plastic made of polymer resins designed to soften or liquify when heated. Less commonly, thermosetting polymers, metals, and glasses are used.

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What are the applications of CNC machining for injection mold making?


While the tolerances of the finished product may not call for CNC machining, the molds themselves do, especially those with complex inner geometries and contours. CNC machining is the leading production style for mold making. Molds are most commonly machined out of tool steel and stainless steel, but aluminum is also used occasionally. Aluminum doesn’t hold up to the wear and tear of injection molding as well as steel, but it is an inexpensive alternative for small batches of injection molded parts.

CNC Mold Making Products Description
CNC Mold Making
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CNC Mold Making FAQ

Q: What are the benefits of injection mold making?

A: Injection mold making is the best way to mass-produce plastic products and is the predominant method of doing so in the U.S. Thermoplastics are incredibly versatile and cost-effective. They make everything from common household items like cups and combs to highly specialized automotive components. Injection molding is most efficient for high-volume, low-variety shops that produce parts with looser tolerances that might require machining.

Q: What is the difference between CNC machining and molding?

A: With CNC machining, tighter-tolerance parts can be made from a wider range of materials than with injection molding. However, injection molding can produce parts at a much more rapid pace without the need for post-processing - making it ideal for high-volume production.

Q: How were molds made before CNC?

A: Before the advent of CNC machines, manufacturing relied heavily on manual machining and traditional machine tools. The predominant methods included: Manual Machining: This involved the use of hand-operated tools like lathes, milling machines, and drills.

Q: What material is CNC mould made of?

A: CNC machining is the leading production style for mold making. Molds are most commonly machined out of tool steel and stainless steel, but aluminum is also used occasionally.

Q: What is the difference between CNC and casting?

A: Casting offers lower cost per part. CNC milling is used for smaller orders and parts that require tighter tolerances. The defense, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries often require parts that can withstand pressure and have longevity while maintaining the strict tolerances.

Q: What is CNC injection moulding?

A: While injection molding is about filling, CNC machining is about taking away. CNC – which stands for computer numerical control – machining is about using computer-controlled cuts removal material from a solid block a layer at a time.

Q: Are injection molding machines CNC?

A: Injection molding machines may or not be CNC controlled. So CNC is a method of controlling a manufacturing process. Injection molding is a manufacturing process that may or not be CNC controlled.

Q: What is the difference between casting and molding process?

A: The main difference between molding and casting is the use of the material in the process. Casting will typically involve metal, while molding focuses on plastics. In both cases, the melted material goes into a die or mold to create the final form.

Q: What is the process of mold manufacturing?

A: Molding is the process of manufacturing by shaping liquid or pliable raw material using a rigid frame called a mold or matrix. This itself may have been made using a pattern or model of the final object.

Q: What is the difference between plastic machining and injection molding?

A: In plastic injection molding, solid plastic pellets are heated to their melting point and injected into a cavity, called a “mold.” The pellets then cool in the shape of the mold. In precision plastic machining, a larger block of solid plastic is whittled down to the desired dimensions using advanced machinery.

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