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Wooden Door Making Machine

Uli four axis processing center VM4


Product description

This Wooden Door Making Machine is specially designed for the wooden door industry. In addition, it can solve all the wooden door processes, and it is available for machinable lock bib holes, mounting plate slots, keyholes, hinges, handling holes, floor springs, tongue grooves, beveling, door closers, rail grooves, etc.

Applicable industry

This Wooden Door Making Machine can be widely used in wooden door and furniture decoration industry, such as solid wood door, composite door, workpiece office furniture and so on.

Solid wood composite door processing program:
Using a tool – machining process
1. Saw blade – (bevel / T-port)
2.T-knife – cutting on both sides
3. Right angle head – processing paint handling hole / door closer / hanging rail slot / hinge (hinge)
4. Milling cutter – Milling keyhole / milling cat eye
5. Forming knife – surface molding processing (boring / milling / panel cable)

Performance characteristics

1. It combines the whole wooden door production line on one machine, and this  four-axis machine is able to process 5 faces in one time, thus saving the labor of 5-10 people.
2. This Wooden Door Making Machine produces fast processing speed,  and it only takes only 8 minutes to complete a door.
3.Due to the independent research and development of software system, there is no drawing programming or parameterized processing data, thus ensuring simple operation.
4. With high-end configuration, the machine runs smoothly, with durable performance.
5. Equipped with high performance vacuum movable adsorption table, it can process various sizes of door panels.
6. The vertical tool changer is matched with the imported German right angle head, which is powerful.
7. There are five-face machining milling, thus handling a variety of workpiece office furniture.

Configuration parameters

Model VM4
Metric Units S.A.E
X/Y/Z axis 1200x2500mm 30480″ * 63500″
Table Cast iron countertop with T-slot
Work speed 24000mm/min 945 in/min
Machinable thickness 10-80mm 0.39″-3.15″
Spindle Italy 9KW air cool spindle
Movement Precision screw/rack and linear guide drive
Tool change AC
Control system ULI control system
Driver Detla,Taiwan /Yaskawa, Japan
Weight 4T    88000 Ibs

Detail display


Rectangle                       Engraving                     Milling keyhole            Lamello application

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