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5 Axis CNC Engraving Machine

ULI 5-axis US2 processing center



Double countertop five-axis machining center, table movement,Cross spindle automatic switching,

Tool change time is only 1 second,Good at complex space surface machining,Shaped processing,Hollow,Beveled, inclined hole,High processing precision, mainly used in the woodworking industry.

Applicable industry

  • Whole house customization,Such as curved back chairs, stair railings, sanitary ware, new Chinese furniture, classical furniture, European furniture, etc.
  • Mold processing: wood mold, sculpture statue, foam mold

performance characteristics

  • Double countertop five-axis linkage machining center can process various curved or shaped parts
  • Four combined head cross spindles, fast cutter speed, manual tool change
  • Reduce the processing process through software optimization, avoiding the cumulative accuracy error caused by multi-process processing.At the same time save a lot of time and labor costs and other equipment investment
  • Customized clamping tools for customer products,Clamping a workpiece to the completion of most or all cutting,Improve processing efficiency
  • Easy to operate with RTCP interpolation

configuration parameter

Model                                                       US2
 Metric Units S.A.E
X/Y/Z axis 2500*1220*400 mm 98.4″ * 48″* 15.7″
A axis   ±213°
C axis   ±120°
Work speed 20-60m/min 800 in/min-2360 in/min
Spindle Italian HSD spindle
Spindle power 7.5kw/12kw/18kw optional 10HP,16.3HP,24.4HP optional
Movement Taiwan PMI screw and linear guide transmission
Tool change AC
Control system Italy OSAI-5 Axis
Driver Japan Yaskawa Servo
Weight 4T         8818.49 Ibs

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