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5 Axis CNC Engraving Machine

ULI 5-axis US2 processing center



This 5 Axis CNC Engraving Machine is equipped with double countertop five-axis machining center and excellent table movement, realizing the function of automatic switching. In addition, the tool change time is only 1 second, which helps to reduce time. Compared with ordinary machine on the market, it is specifically designed for complex space surface machining and shaped processing, with high processing precision. And it plays an important role in the woodworking industry.

Applicable industry

  • Whole house customization,Such as curved back chairs, stair railings, sanitary ware, new Chinese furniture, classical furniture, European furniture, etc.
  • Mold processing: wood mold, sculpture statue, foam mold

performance characteristics

  • This double countertop five-axis linkage machining center can process various curved and shaped parts.
  • There are four combined head cross spindles, with fast cutter speed.
  • This 5 Axis CNC Engraving Machine helps to reduce the processing process through software optimization, avoiding the cumulative accuracy error caused by multi-process processing. It also helps to save a lot of time, labor costs and other equipment investment.

configuration parameter

Model                                                       US2
 Metric Units S.A.E
X/Y/Z axis 2500*1220*400 mm 98.4″ * 48″* 15.7″
A axis   ±213°
C axis   ±120°
Work speed 20-60m/min 800 in/min-2360 in/min
Spindle Italian HSD spindle
Spindle power 7.5kw/12kw/18kw optional 10HP,16.3HP,24.4HP optional
Movement Taiwan PMI screw and linear guide transmission
Tool change AC
Control system Italy OSAI-5 Axis
Driver Japan Yaskawa Servo
Weight 4T         8818.49 Ibs

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