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  • In 2018a special wood door machining center and leather processing center were added.

  • In 2017The company’s self-developed five-axis machining center won the national patent.

  • In 2016a sheet metal production line was established. Established a series of processing lines for various series of machines in the Jiangsu factory.

  • In 2015Established the 36th office in Chongqing. Shanghai Dahongqiao established a research and development display production center covering an area of 22,000 square meters. The second phase of the construction of Jiangsu Taizhou Plant was officially launched, covering an area of 15,000 square meters.

  • In 2014Developed third-generation machining centers: WPC, NWPC, CCMC. Successfully developed a 5-meter roller opener.Apply the robot to the production assembly process.

  • In 2013Uli has successfully developed a 6-8 axis robot CNC machine.

    Uli has successfully developed 10 CNC machines for panel furniture production.

  • In 2011Products in the Uli 20 series and 48 models.

  • In 2009Uli successfully developed a three-dimensional five-axis machining center.

    Uli built a 10,000 square meter production base in Shanghai Shenzhuang Industrial Zone.

  • In 2008Uli independently developed a large-scale styrofoam automotive mold processing center.

  • In 2006Uli established a research and development base and a demonstration training center in Songjiang Industrial Zone.

  • In 2004Uli independently developed the first CNC computer wood carving machine in China.

  • In 2003Uli successfully developed a CNC plasma cutting machine.

    Uli’s trademark was approved by the International Trademark Administration.

  • In 2002Uli successfully developed a series of metal engraving and milling machines, model number is T4,T5,T6,T8.

  • In 2001Uli and Japan Seiko Co., Ltd. jointly developed the second generation CNC engraving machine.

  • In 2000Uli cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to develop the first engraving machine.

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