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What industries does the Uli engraving Machine apply to?

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 14 , 2018

With the rapid development of Chinese manufacturing industry in recent years, engraving machine industry in China also got a good opportunity to promote the production and use of engraving machines in China.

  1. Seal industry: Seal engraving of all kinds of fonts and materials.
  2. Model industry: The demand for building models has increased rapidly in the development of real estate.Sale-building model, square model, construction drawings display, vehicle market expansion, some ship models, industrial models also have a memorial and collection significance.The engraving machine has become the best assistant in making the model.
  3. Wood craft: The design and manufacture of the relief pattern.The general use of new decoration materials and wave plates gives the engraving machine more room for improvement and improves the product repetition and standardization while making the consumptive benefit of finished product obvious progress.
  4. Mechanical processing industry: Dial scale wheel and scale division.With the continuous emergence of various new decoration materials, more and more materials can be used for carving.So that the Dial scale engraving machine has a greater opportunity to exert its ability.The scale of the use of the engraving machine will continue to expand.
  5. Advertising industry: Engraving all kinds of double-color plate signs, plexiglass, three-dimensional billboards, two-color figure statues, embossed medals, organic board reliefs, flat door head characters, etc.
  6. Automotive industry: Manufacture of tire mould, lamp mould and ornaments mould.
  7. Printed circuit board:Circuit manufacture, borehole, milling slot, etc in the development of new products.
  8. Tourism industry: The continued expansion of the tourism market, visitors with exotic gifts, so engraving machines in this area also have great opportunities to display their talents.More and more conferences are being held these days, and engraving is popular for memorials and advertising.Rings, key chains, trophies, imitation crystal ornaments, lighters, leather goods, watches, and so on can all be carved to express a person’s characteristics and taste.For some thoughtful people, these sentimental sculptures catered to the need for emotional exchange.



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