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The types and analysis of the external faults of NC cutting machine

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19 , 2018

The external faults of NC cutters can be divided into hard faults caused by soft faults and external hardware damage. Soft fault is caused by improper operation and debugging, this kind of failure occurs in the pre-use of CNC cutting machine or equipment use personnel adjustment period. For the CNC cutting machine, another easy to fault place for the servo unit. Because the motion of each axis is driven by servo motor to drive the gear to achieve. The rotary encoder is used as the speed feedback and the position feedback is made by the motor positioning. The driving module of the Rotary Encoder and servo unit is usually prone to malfunction. There are also individual due to the power source caused by the system confusion. Especially for those systems that hold data with the computer’s hard drive. There are some failures do not produce fault alarm information, but the action can not be completed, at this time, according to the maintenance experience, CNC cutting machine working principle and the operation of the PLC analysis and judgment. For the CNC cutting machine repair, it is important to find the problem. Especially the external fault of the CNC cutting machine. Sometimes the diagnosis process is more complicated, but once the problem is found, it is easier to solve. The following two principles should be followed for external fault diagnosis. First of all to master the CNC cutting machine working principle and sequence of action. Second, we will use the PLC ladder diagram to diagnose. NC System Status Display function or the outside programmer monitors the operating state of the PLC, generally as long as follow the above principles, cautious, the general CNC cutting Machine fault will be promptly excluded.

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