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The importance of controlling the height of plasma separatist

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28 , 2018

Torch height refers to the distance between the nozzle end face and the cutting surface. Under normal circumstances, we usually use cutting torch height control to adjust the kerf accuracy. In the cutting process, the height of the torch is a part of the plasma arc length, arc length will have an impact on cutting slit. Because CNC plasma cutting machine generally use cross-flow or steep drop characteristics of the power supply, once the nozzle height has become high, while the current almost unchanged, this elimination, the arc length will increase, and then increase the arc voltage, and ultimately improve the arc power, but also the exposure of the arc length will grow, ARC column loss of energy increased, and then cut, Cutting the jet force will be weakened, cutting capacity will be reduced a lot, after cutting will develop the bottom of the incision will have a lot of residual slag, the upper edge melting time will appear round angle and so on. And during the cutting process, the jet diameter after leaving the muzzle is outward expansion, the height of the torch nozzle is bound to increase the width of the incision, ultimately affecting the cutting speed and quality of cutting.

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