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Advantages and disadvantages of Spindle Motor of engraving Machine

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19 , 2018

As we all know, the spindle motor of the engraving machine and other machine tools work the same way! Its internal main structure is the bearing of the spindle, the rotor and the winding coils.No matter what kind of spindle motor works for a long time, it produces a lot of heat.These heat effects on ordinary motors are very light! Because the ordinary motor is not a sealed structure, but also equipped with a fan heat dissipation!However, for engraving machine spindle motor is really a very serious problem, because its spindle motor is the use of sealed chassis! Plus engraving machine spindle motor is generally heavy workload, so it needs a cooling system that can help it cool down!

The spindle motor of engraving machine is generally divided into two types:

1)A Water-cooled Spindle Motor using specific coolant to reduce the temperature of the Motor.

2)An Air-cooled Spindle Motor using a Frequency Fan to dissipate Heat.

Generally speaking, the working noise of water-cooled spindle motor is smaller than that of air-cooled spindle motor.But the main axis of water cooling can not be too hot or too cold affected by the region and the environment, for example, the freezing climate in cold areas makes the temperature of minus tens of degrees Celsius drop into ice! Too hot places will make the coolant temperature higher, cooling strength will be greatly reduced.Water cooling spindle motor using water to supply PH value (PH) should not be too high and too low, that will corrode the spindle motor, the service life will be greatly reduced! Do not use turbid water to prevent the main shaft motor water cycle blockage.The engraving precision will be reduced when the spindle motor heats up continuously, and even if the step is lost and misplaced, the heat will be seriously exceeded and the spindle motor will be burned out directly.So check the water circulation system of the spindle regularly whether it is smooth, whether it is blocked! Once found to be resolved in time: air pump can be blown out of the plug or high pressure water gun to soften the plug out of the acid.

During hot weather, engraving machine operators need to check the water temperature of circulating water and replace cooling water in time. In the cold winter, to prevent the recycling of water ice, can be added to the water antifreeze, alcohol to prevent water from freezing.

Water – cooled main shaft noise, small cutting strength and other shortcomings! So general sub – cooling main shaft for woodworking engraving machine!For dusty areas, clean up regularly at least once a week to ensure the fan’s normal heat dissipation stability.Most engraving machines now use fans to dissipate heat unless they are used to process precision molds with some stability.

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