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Reason for the price difference of five-axis machining center -RTCP

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated:May 3,2019

RTCP, in a good five-axis CNC system, RTCP is Rotated Tool Center Point, the tip point follows function.In the five-axis machining, the pursuit of the posture between the tip and the workpiece and the tool trajectory point, since the rotary motion of the tip point generates additional movement.CNC system often does not coincide with control point tool tip, so the numerical control system for automatic correction control points, to ensure a predetermined instruction tap tip trajectory.RTCP function is used in a double swing structure swing center point of rotation is applied to compensate.


It is not only a good technology, but also a good technology that can bring benefits and create value to customers.Machine tool with RTCP technology (domestic genuine five-axis machine tool)


Axis machine concept defined in the fourth and fifth axes: the rotary table in the double structure of the fourth shaft rotation impact to the fifth shaft of the posture, the rotation of the fifth shaft can not influence the attitude of the fourth shaft.The fifth axis is the swivel coordinate on the fourth axis. In order to eliminate this period of displacement, the machine is bound to compensate, RTCP function is to eliminate this compensation arising.


For machines with RTCP functionality, the control system keeps the tool center always in the programmed position. In this case, programming is independent and is programming independent of machine motion.When you program on the machine, do not worry about motion and machine tool length, you need to consider only the relative motion between the tool and the workpiece. The remaining work control system will be done for you.


Without RTCP function associated with the control system does not consider the length of the tool. The tool rotates around the center of the axis. The tip will move out of its position and will no longer be fixed。With the RTCP function on, the control system only changes the tool direction and the tool nose position remains unchanged. X, Y, Z-axis movement has been necessary to compensate automatically into the calculation.


We know that many domestic five-axis CNC machine tools and systems are all fake five-axis. The so-called fake five-axis is actually a machine tool without RTCP function.genuine five-axis, neither appearance nor look to see if the axis is connected. It is necessary to know that the five axes can also be connected via five axes.The difference between the fake five-axis is mainly that it does not have a genuine five-axis RTCP algorithm, that is to say, the pseudo five-axis programming needs to consider the swing length of the spindle and the position of the rotating table.


The same part, machine change or tool change, must be re-executed CAM programming and post-processing.Moreover, the fake five-axis machine tool needs to ensure that the workpiece is in the center of the rotation center of the table when clamping the workpiece. For the operator, this means that a large amount of clamping time is required, and the precision is not guaranteed.Even doing the indexing process, fake five-axis also a lot of trouble. The genuine five-axis only needs to set a coordinate system, and only one tool is needed to complete the machining.


The fake five-axis is based on post-processing technology, which shows the positional relationship between the fourth axis and the fifth axis of the machine tool to compensate the displacement of the rotary axis to the linear axis coordinate.The consequence of this not only causes a lack of precision, low efficiency, the generated programs do not have the versatility required labor cost is also high.At the same time, due to the different rotation parameters of each machine tool, there must be corresponding post-processing files, which will cause great inconvenience to the production.In addition, the pseudo five-axis generation program can not be changed, and it is basically impossible to implement manual five-axis programming.At the same time, because there is no RTCP function, many of the five-axis advanced functions derived from it cannot be used, such as the five-axis tool compensation function.In fact, for five-axis machines, it just means we have to achieve processing results, there is no distinction between genuine and false.What is important is that our process determines the way in which it is processed. Relatively speaking, genuine five-axis machines are more cost effective.

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