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Pre-preparation of CNC cutting machine start-up operation

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28 , 2018

Regarding the steel structure consumer enterprise, the material must stop the exterior pre-disposition before cutting. In the plate cutting process, there are a large number of welding contour lines and the following procedures mark demand stop marking, positioning. In the plate cutting, scribing and welding process, must remove the outer protective layer and rust. This ability to improve cutting speed and welding quality. If these shields and rust are not removed, the cutting speed will be dropped, and in some cases there will be a defect in the cutting surface, which needs to be repaired. In the welding process, it will also incur the excessive angle weld, the formation of unpredictable deformation and the appearance of the future bias, the consumption of costly adverse results. It also makes the appearance of the dash ambiguous.  It affects the normal stop of the back-way process. To control an installation, the rate at which it is disposed of is matched with the scribing speed, which makes the consumption efficiency progress.

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