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Pay attention to check the discharge clearance before processing

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28 , 2018

With the increasing precision of cutting industry, the use of CNC intersecting line cutting machine is more and more widely, but some problems often arise in the process of using. Therefore, it is very important for the routine maintenance and maintenance of the NC intersecting line cutting machine. Below let us together to understand, check the discharge gap intersecting line cutting machine core power source, plasma power and how to maintain the separatist. Correct and ensure all parts are in good condition to ensure gas and cooling gas flow. The installation puts all the parts on a clean flannel, avoiding dirt sticking to the parts. Consumable parts should not be completely damaged and then replaced, because the serious wear of the electrodes, nozzles and Vortex ring will produce an uncontrolled plasma arc, very easy to cause serious damage to the torch. So when the first time you find that the cut quality drops, you should check the consumable parts in time. In the replacement of consumable parts or daily maintenance inspection, before processing the attention must ensure that the torch inside and outside the thread clean, if necessary, should be cleaned or repaired connection thread. In many torches, the contact surface of the nozzle and electrode is a charged contact surface, if the contact surface is dirty, the torch will not work properly. Every day check the flow and pressure of gas and cooling airflow, if the flow is found to be insufficient or leakage, should immediately stop queuing failure. In order to avoid the damage of the torch collision, it should be programmed correctly to avoid the system exceeding the limit of walking, the installation of anti-collision device can effectively avoid the damage to the torch during the collision. CNC Intersecting line Cutting machine operators use the machine, be sure to look at the operating instructions of the machine and understand the contents of the machine can be operated. Do not be familiar with the machine before the operation, do not arbitrarily motive, in order to avoid accidents. Tool electrode clamping and calibration must ensure that the tool electrode feed machining direction perpendicular to the worktable plane. Pay attention to check the discharge clearance before processing, that is, must be connected to different polarity between the tool and the workpiece to maintain a certain distance to form a discharge gap, generally 0.01~0.1mm around. To have enough pulse discharge energy, to ensure that the workpiece in the liquid medium and tool electrode pulse power output voltage pulse waveform is unidirectional to ensure that the discharge site of the metal melting or gasification, discharge must be in a certain insulating properties of the liquid medium. To achieve civilized production, processing operations after the end, must clean the work space, wipe clean machine, and cut off the system power to leave. Warm tip: In order to avoid the purchase risk, we recommend that you confirm the supplier qualification and product quality before purchasing the product.

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