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How to compare the cutting speed of CNC cutting machine

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18 , 2018

The cutting rate of steel plate corresponds to the burning rate of steel in oxygen. In actual production, the cutting speed should be mediated according to the function parameters of the cutting nozzle, the gas variety and purity, the steel plate material and the thickness. Cutting rate directly affects the quality of cut-off surface. If you want to increase the cutting rate to improve efficiency and speed cutting speed to improve the best cross-sectional quality, that is not possible, can only make the quality of the strict section is poor. Too fast cutting speed will make the section of the convex and hanging slag and other quality shortcomings, the tension is probably caused by cutting terminal; too slow cutting speed will make the code on the edge of the melting edge, the bottom edge of the fillet, the section of the lower half of the deep groove surface water punch and so on. Through the process to see the characteristics of the slag from the code, can be mediated to meet the cutting rate. In the process of the deformed NC flame cutting Machine, the numerical control cutting oxygen flow relative perpendicular to the cutting torch is slightly behind an angle, its corresponding offset called after the amount of drag. When the rate is too low, there is a post-supporting amount, and the spark beam at the top of the workpiece is offset to the target of the cutting. such as the speed of the progressive cutting torch, the fire bouquet will be shifted to the same target, when the fire bouquet parallel to the cutting oxygen flow, it is assumed that the cutting rate deformity. When the rate is too high, the fire bouquet is slightly lower.


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