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CNC Cutting Machine core components maintenance Common sense Introduction

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 10 , 2018

1, the ground felt large. Mechanical manufacturing plant production, due to drag, vibration and other physical displacement movements, not only bring huge noise, equipment work vibration will bring industrial computer disk, CD-ROM, floppy drive to bring great damage. Therefore, reduce the CNC cutting machine environmental vibration, is conducive to protecting the disk. Also can be in the industrial cabinet, the box under the foam, cushioning objects to reduce the damage caused by vibration.

2. There are many respirable particulate matter in the air. Most of the raw materials in many factories require powder for processing. Coupled with the outside air flow, dust, industrial computer prone to accumulate a large number of sticky paste dust, resulting in CNC cutting machine industrial machine local temperature is too high, resulting in hardware damage. In the case of normal production permitting, the timing can be used to blow dust. Dust more serious places, can be industrial chassis ventilation place dust filter gauze, regular cleaning.

3, CNC cutting machine supply voltage fluctuation, easy power outage. The rapid development of industry and life, the demand for electricity is also increasing, many areas have insufficient power supply, voltage instability, prone to power outages. We can use constant voltage power supply and UPS protection, specific CNC cutting machine selection, depending on the load power size, need to maintain the working time of how much to set.


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