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Characteristics of portable CNC cutting Machine

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28 , 2018

The whole steel structure has reasonable design, good rigidity and light weight. The drive system selects the Japanese full digital AC servo system and the German high precision planetary reducer, the longitudinal guide rail is made of 43Kg high-strength heavy rail, the top and two sides are machined by the precision grinder, and the longitudinal guide Rail is Taiwan linear Guide.

The whole machine runs stably, the speed range is wide (0~12m/min), automatic acceleration and deceleration, stable control, high cutting quality. The lifting body adopts aluminum alloy structure, and the lifting Guide adopts imported linear guide, lifting and elevating to ball screw.

An easy-to-use automated programming system. Little Bee long straight line Flame cutting machine is a high efficiency straight strip steel cutting equipment. Can effectively prevent steel plate bending deformation, cutting out the gap of the minimum 70mm of the strip plate. Straight bar CNC Cutting machine is used in a large number of H-beam and box-shaped beam production, can provide high-precision, high-quality, high efficiency of the straight cutting material, metal structure factory, shipbuilding industry, lifting transport machinery and other industries necessary equipment.

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