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Brief introduction of plasma cutting technology features

Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28 , 2018

1. Precision Plasma arc cutting. Plasma arc current density is very high, usually the ordinary plasma arc current density of several times, due to the introduction of such as rotating magnetic field technology, the stability of its arc has been improved, thus, its cutting accuracy is quite high. Foreign precision plasma cutting surface quality has reached the lower limit of laser cutting, and its cost as long as the laser cutting one-third.
2. re-bound plasma arc cutting. According to the re-restraint mode of plasma arc, it is mainly divided into water and condensed plasma arc cutting, magnetic field and plasma arc cutting. As the plasma arc is again tightened, its current density, cutting arc energy is further concentrated, thus improving the cutting speed and processing quality.
3. Ordinary plasma arc cutting. According to the main working gas used, mainly divided into Argon plasma arc cutting, oxygen plasma arc cutting. Oxygen plasma arc cutting and air plasma arc cutting and other categories. The cutting current is normally less than four mm, and the cutting thickness is below.

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