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Automatic edge-finishing laser cutting machine




Product description

This Automatic edge-finishing laser cutting machine uses two sets of higher power laser systems. In addition, the tracked workbench and automatic feeding ensure automated continuous processing. Equipped with intelligent typesetting software, according to the graphics designed in the computer, the atch processing of materials can be processed in batches at the same time, and the full-face cutting and punching can be performed separately. Due to the excellent double-headed mutual shifting electronic control structure, According to the format of the cut fabric, it arbitrarily sets the distance between the two laser heads, thus helping to greatly save fabric. Compared with ordinary machine on the market, it automatically extracts graphic outlines, which is suitable for cutting sportswear, toys, embroidery, uppers, soles, swimwear, etc.

Applicable industry

It can be widely used in digital printing, embroidery clothing, shoes, cloth printing, bra, bamboo craft products and other industries.

Suitable material

This Automatic edge-finishing laser cutting machine is available for fabric, including silk fabric, cotton, polyester fabric, pure linen, leather, wool and flexible plastic, etc.

Performance characteristics

Projector brackets can be built in a variety of ways to meet different requirements of customers.

Due to the compact structure, automatic feeding, double laser head and double guide double drive, it is especially suitable for small product cutting and greatly improving production efficiency.

Equipped with professional uli laser special control software, it realizes the function to achieve high-speed, smooth operation of the machine.

It supports memory continuation, working time preview function, support dynamic display of processing trajectory and coordinate points, real-time display and tracking of processing progress and so on.

It is professionally equipped with automatic discharge device for flexible coil materials. The optional automatic material correcting device for feeding material makes feeding transmission smoother.


Configuration parameter

Laser Type CO2 Glass Laser Tube
Cutting speed 0-36000mm/min
Engraving speed 0-64000mm/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Min.Line Width 0.15-1.3mm
Cooling Method Water Cooling and Protection System
Controling system DSP High Speed Controller
Graphical Formats Support PLT,DST,AI,DXF,BMP,JPG,CAD,CDR,DWG
Power Source AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Gross Power <1600W

Simple display







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