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Camera trademark laser cutting machine


Product description

Uli Laser double-head camera trademark laser cutting machine,Continuous deep research and development in the textile embroidery, trademark, and weaving industry,Solved the processing needs of complex trademarks,Uses the highest-end DSP technology and the world’s leading camera positioning image recognition system

Applicable industry

Clothing, trademarks, packaging, leather, printing, advertising decoration, handicrafts, cloth toys production, etc.

Suitable material

Fabric, rubber, plastic, leather, plexiglass, ceramic tile, crystal, jade, bamboo, wood, paper,Non-metallic materials,etc

Performance characteristics

The whole frame is welded,Good rigidity, stable operation, low noise and long life,Laser cutting equipment with four heads and six heads,Increased processing efficiency,Uniform cutting effect,Reduce costs and improve quality

Fast curve cutting function:Any curve can be cut quickly and continuously

Multi-document function:JY series devices can store up to 128 files,Can be away from the computer,Easily mass production of 128 different products

All-optocoupler isolation system with high-speed differential input and output circuit design,Signal connection does not be distorted during long distance transmission,Strong anti-interference ability

Configuration parameter

Laser Type CO2 Glass Laser Tube
Cutting speed 0-40000mm/min
Engraving speed 0-64000mm/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Min.Line Width 0.15-1.3mm
Cooling Method Water Cooling and Protection System
Controling system DSP High Speed Controller
Graphical Formats Support PLT,DST,AI,DXF,BMP,JPG,CAD,CDR,DWG
Power Source AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Gross Power <1600W

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