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Stone Engraving Machine

Stone Engraving Machine

Product description

The stone engraving machine is currently the most high-end model in the world, suitable for processing in high-precision industries

Applicable industries:

Suitable for all kinds of granite, bluestone, marble, ceramic tile, glass, wood, microcrystalline stone, brick carving, cement board, metal, advertising materials, etc.

Performance characteristics

The 20-year-old machine engraving technology allows customers to select processing strategies more rationally, improve engraving efficiency, reduce tool loss, and make it easier for operators.

Suitable for high-power spindle motors, high strength and durability

Unique cast iron bed design ensures stable operation and better operation

Water spray helps to cool the tool and extend its use time

Configuration parameters:

Model B18 B25
X axis 1400mm(55″) 1400mm(55″)
Y axis 1750mm(68.9″) 2450mm(96.5″)
Z axis 200mm(7.9″)
Spindle 5.5KW constant power water cooled spindle
Movement All precision grinding spindles and linear guides
Max speed 15m/min(590 in/min)
Net weight 1800kg(3960 Ibs) 2000kg(4400 Ibs)
Driver  AC Servo System
CNC system  ULI  CNC System


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