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Stone Engraving Machine


ULI engraving machine for metal , computer system control, high-power engraving and milling of metal products such as copper and aluminum, high precision, good engraving effect


Metal engraving machine is widely used. First, they can engrave metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, and small badges. It can also be carved with wooden crafts, embossed carvings and MDF carvings. If the machine have a sink, can also engrave stones and glass. It can also engrave advertising materials such as aluminum, hibiscus, and acrylic.


1. Select famous brand constant power water-cooled variable frequency motor and high performance frequency converter, with good performance, large torque and high efficiency

2. It adopts Taiwan imported original linear square guide rail, double row and four rows of ball slides, rack drive, large load bearing gravity, stable operation, high precision and long service life. High-precision grinding screw drive for precise cutting.

3. The whole surface of the countertop is cast, the structure is stable and firm, and the table top is mobile engraving. The engraving precision is higher and the performance is more stable.

4, The system operation is simpler, the design is more user-friendly, suitable for all types of people with or without basic operations.
5, Software compatibility is good, compatible with Type3/Artcam/CAXA/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/ Wentai and so on.


Model B18 B25
X axis 1400mm(55″) 1400mm(55″)
Y axis 1750mm(68.9″) 2450mm(96.5″)
Z axis 200mm(7.9″)
Spindle 5.5KW constant power water cooled spindle
Movement All precision grinding spindles and linear guides
Max speed 15m/min(590 in/min)
Net weight 1800kg(3960 Ibs) 2000kg(4400 Ibs)
Driver  AC Servo System
CNC system  ULI  CNC System





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