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Precision CNC Router

Precision CNC Router


Product description

The six spindles of the CNC engraving machine can be engraved at the same time. Multi-spindle can work simultaneously on the same pattern, greatly improving the processing speed, and can also work independently with a single spindle to control the production cost.

Applicable industries:

Mahogany classical furniture, European classical furniture, handicrafts

Performance characteristics:

Continuous operation for 6,000 hours without interruption
Cast iron bed, welded and tempered aging treatment, strong rigidity, strong force, stable rotation, so that long-term high-speed operation does not deform, does not shake
Six spindles can work at the same time or they can work alone. Improve work efficiency
Our company’s engraving machine has been in production for 20 years, and the average life of the machine is 10 years


Configuration parameters:

Model A8 A12 A15 A18 A25 AW19 AW29
X/Y/Z axis 800*800mm 1400*1200mm 1400*1450mm 1400*1750mm 1400*2450mm 1870*1450mm 1870*2350mm
31.5″ *31.5″ 55″ *47″ 55″ *57″ 55″ *86.9″ 55″ *96.5″ 73.6″ *57″ 73.6″ *92.5″
Screw guide                                                                                     PMI
Electrical components                                                                                  Schneider Electric
Bed frame                                                                                    Cast iron bed
Spindle                                                                                            Four
Control system                                                                                 ULI control system
Servo system                                                                         Delta / Yaskawa Servo Motor
Net weight 800KG 1000KG 1200KG 1500KG 1800KG 1800KG 2000KG
1760Ibs 2200Ibs 2640Ibs 3300Ibs 3960Ibs 3960Ibs 4400Ibs

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