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Copper And Aluminum Engraving Machine

Copper And Aluminum Engraving Machine


Product description

The metal engraving machine is cast iron cast iron, the machine tool vibration is small, and the stable working platform is provided, so that the engraving machine runs smoothly, the noise is low, and the workpiece finish is high

Applicable industries:

High precision engraving acrylic, metal

Performance characteristics

Suitable for high-precision engraving and cutting, the maximum engraving depth is 18 cm

ULI high power spindle, high power, low noise, low failure rate

ULI latest system, which can eliminate the sawtooth and the process of lifting the knife during the process

Configuration parameters:

Model C12 C18
X axis 1200mm (47″ ) 1600mm (63″ )
Y axis 1200mm (47″ ) 1800mm (70.9″)
Z axis 100-180mm(3.9″-7″)
Table size 1400*1800mm (55″*70.9″) 1700*1900mm(67″*75″)
Spindle Constant power 1.5KW water coolong frequency conversion spindle
Movement All precision grinding spindles and linear guides
Speed 20m/min  (787 in/min)
Max work speed 12m/min  (472 in/min)
Net weight 2000kg (4400 Ibs) 3500kg  (7700 Ibs)
Driver  AC Servo System
CNC system  ULI  CNC System

Case display

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