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Cheap CNC Router

Cheap CNC Router


Product description

The cheap CNC engraving machine uses a welded bed for durability. The four heads can work at the same time, with great strength and deep carving. Equipped with advanced process, it can be widely used for European furniture, stone carving and so on.

Performance characteristics:

Compared with ordinary machine on the market, our cheap CNC engraving machine realizes the function of high speed and high efficiency, an the engraving speed can reach 20 meters per minute. In addition, it features good engraving effect, and we do promise that there is no serrations, ensuring smooth bottom and clear edges. The four heads work quickly and well, with easy operation.



Configuration parameters:

Series H13 series H16 series H20 series H25 series
Model H1313/H1318/H1325 H1613/H1618/H1625 H2013/H12020/H2025 H2513/H2520/H2525
Table Aluminum alloy countertop with T-slot
Spindle 2.2KW air-cooled spindle motor (0-18000r/min)
Movement The XY axis is the Xinyue helical gear,

and the Z axis is the Taiwan PMI precision screw.

Max work speed 6m/min
Net weight 0.7-2.6T
Driver Leadshine large inertia servo motor
Control system ULI  Control System

Case display



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