Mingjia Redwood 5 axis processing center application case

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Mingjia Redwood 5 axis processing center application case

Mingjia Redwood is a large-scale mahogany furniture enterprise with self-purchasing, self-production and self-sale.Selected as one of the top 100 enterprises in Jiangsu Province




In order to be able to expand production, increase production efficiency and control the output of costs. Taking into account the long-term development of the company, Mr. Li of Mingjia Company decided to purchase a five-axis machining center. Prior to this, Mingjia Company was already our old customer, and we purchased our three-axis machining center and engraving machine several times. With the development of the company, the process requirements have been continuously improved. After a thorough comparison and previous cooperation experience, Mr. Li finally purchased the five axes produced by our company.           

In the later period, the company also keeps track of the customer’s usage and proposes the use of the machine according to different processing techniques to maximize the true efficiency of the customer. Mingjia is very satisfied with this.

Type Traditional craft Solution Remarks
Prepares materials Manual unpacking, woodworking comparison CAD drawing material selection. The design software adds the split function and can perform texture comparison. There is no professional requirement for this step. Complete the add.
Milling type Woodworking is die-milled and hand-milled. Most materials require four to five milling operations. Work with double-sided milling or four-sided milling without the need for woodworking. No need for professional woodworking and basically eliminate the occurrence of work-related injuries; fast speed, perfect standards, flexible production methods, so that the operation is more suitable for future development.
Tenon-and-mortise work Woodworkers are processed by woodworking machines and hand tools and the mortise and tenon process is required after finishing the processing, so as to confirm the effect of mortise and tenon processing. Mortise and tenon processing center and heavy processing center without the need for carpentry. The latter does not need to recognize the tenon process when machining accuracy. Improve the completion standard by pre-milling and clearing angle of small cutter, so as to make the operation more in line with the requirements of linear production and flexible production, and eliminate the occurrence of work-related injuries.
Other processing technology Woodworking is done through woodworking machinery and handwork tools, such as table engraving, hanging and so on. Drilling and milling machining center, and heavy machining center without the need for woodworking.  The tool speed of the machining center is high, the tool does not need to be equipped with bearings, it is more convenient for the inner sharp corner processing, and the multi-tools cooperate with the machining to make the finished standard more excellent. so as to make the operation more in line with the requirements of linear production and flexible production and eliminate the occurrence of work-related injuries.
Carved Hand-drawing, printing and copying drawings, hand-carving Jdprint software and engraving machine Engraving machine  take the place of more than 5 people.
Software virtual Virtual modeling, Drilling test, Computer modification, Proofing test, Processing in batches. 3DS scanner and Jdprint software The depth of computer graphics and the beauty of the shape are very difficult to compare with the traditional craftsmanship.  the engraving machine can show the exquisite hand-carving and shorten the speed of new product development through 3DS scanner.
Path and tool strategy All carvings use only one or two types of tools, and all path strategies are the same. The tool and path strategy provided depends on the processing technology and materials. Increase the production capacity of the fine carving machine by more than 30%.
Scraping and grinding Coarse grinding, Fine grinding, Flower grinding. Through the path and tool strategy, it can be done without coarse grinding and flower grinding. Save a lot of time and cost for the subsequent process and effectively reduce labor.


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