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5 Axis Gantry CNC

ULI 5-axis U3-2040 big size cnc router


Product description

The 5 Axis Gantry CNC has five axes, including A-axis, C-axis and XYZ. The A-axis and C-axis are linked with the XYZ three-linear axis, which is specially designed for medium and large molds of various materials. The head and automatic tool changer library can process plane, curved surface, inclined surface, inclined hole, and internal part cavity. The workpiece blank can be positioned once, and the five-dimensional space can be used for milling, boring, drilling, sawing, etc.

Applicable industry

  • Industrial design: main model processing design for automobiles, yachts, high-speed trains and other products
  • Precision processing of glass products, ABS plastic products for cutting and trimming, wind turbine cover processing, yacht hull and high-speed rail interior parts.
  • Mold industry: five-axis machining of various non-metal molds such as cast wood molds and wood resin products.
  • Ceramic bathroom: plaster mold and various gypsum products processing

Performance characteristics

  • This modular design provides parameterized adjustment of machine size.
  • Single-arm AC swing head is better for automatic tool change.
  • Multi-face shaped machining can be completed with one workpiece clamping.
  • Five-axis linkage technology can reduce the number of fixtures used, avoiding multiple clamping and improving mold machining accuracy.

Configuration parameters

Model U3-2040
 Metric Units S.A.E
X/Y/Z axis 2000*4000*(500-1500) mm 78.7″ * 157.5″* (19.7-59)”
A axis  ±213°
C axis  ±120°
Work speed 20-60m/min 800in/min-2360in/min
Spindle Italian HSD spindle
Spindle power 7.5//12//18/45 kw optional 10H/16.3/24.4/61HP optional
Movement Taiwan PMI screw and linear guide transmission
Tool change AC
Control system Italy OSAI-5 Axis
Driver Japan Yaskawa Servo
Weight 6T       13200 Ibs




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