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Solid Wood Milling CNC

ULI 4-axis processing center V series

Product description

CNC solid wood engraving machine, the spindle can swing 270 degrees, with 8 knife automatic tool change tool magazine,Especially suitable for engraving and cutting of convex, concave and irregular surface plates,Designed with gantry mobile countertop structure for higher precision stability.Partitioned vacuum adsorption table, combined with high-power vacuum pump, can effectively process different sizes of plates

Applicable industry

1. Furniture industry: including chair back, wooden chair, dining chair, armchair
2. Wooden furniture industry, musical instruments, wooden crafts

Performance characteristics

1. Taiwan PMI linear guide and precision screw, large bearing capacity, long life and high precision

2.Using Italian high-power spindle motor, high speed, low noise, large cutting torque and low failure rate

3.Z stroke can be increased, processing width is large, suitable for large three-dimensional surface processing

4. Taiwan’s new generation control system is a world-renowned numerical control system with functions such as processing time prediction, power-off memory, power-off and continuous carving

5. The software application is convenient and fast, the file is easy to make and easy to modify

6. The bed is annealed, with high strength and good steel

Configuration parameters

Model V4
X/Y/Z axis 2440*1220*500*mm
B axis  ±100°
Table Vacuum adsorption, Welding table
Work speed 40m/min
Spindle Italian HSD spindle. 9KW, 12KW optional
Movement Taiwan PMI screw and linear guide transmission
Tool change Eight tool magazine bucket type tool change
Control system Taiwan Control System
Driver Japan Yaskawa Servo
weight 4T

Case display

Keyhole hinge

Mold                            Bag injection molding       Curve milling cutting







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