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4 Axis Milling Machine

4 axis double table engraving machine

Product description

The design adopts the gantry mobile structure and the “T” steel welded bed to maintain the stability and precision of the machining center in high-speed motion.The vacuum adsorption table top, 8 knives automatically change the knives, and different table types can be designed according to the actual working conditions. The strip shape can be clamped and sucked; the suction clamps are common, and the material fixing is more stable.Suitable for a wide range of complex product processing, versatile, can complete engraving, cutting, boring, drilling, drilling, etc.


Applicable industry

Applicable industries: wood furniture, solid wood furniture, cabinets, computer tables, flat furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen furniture and other processed products. Wooden models, PE models, art models, etc.

Performance characteristics

1. Double countertop processing, processing scale is larger, processing efficiency is increased by 30%.
2. Short consumption time, saving labor costs, low investment, high income
3. Vacuum adsorption table top, large area adsorption material, high efficiency and fast speed
4.T-type structure heavy-duty bed, thick-walled square tube seamlessly welded, aging after vibration, durable, not easy to deform.

Configuration parameters

Model                                                       VS4
Metric Units S.A.E
X/Y/Z axis 2500*1220*500*mm 98.4″ * 48″*15.7″
B axis ±90°
Work speed 40m/min 1575in/min
Table Vacuum adsorption, Welding table ,Double tables
Spindle Italian HSD spindle. 9KW, 12KW(12.2HP,16.3HP) optional
Movement Precision screw/rack and linear guide drive
Tool change Eight tool magazine bucket type tool change
Control system Taiwan Control System
Driver Detla,Taiwan /Yaskawa, Japan
Weight 4.5T   99000 Ibs

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