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Composite panel 3 axis cnc router

Composite panel 3 axis cnc router

Product description

The welding or casting workbench is formed by two kinds of precision machining after high temperature tempering and stress removal. It is a heavy-duty cutting process and the bed is durable.


Applicable industry

Molded cabinet door, kitchen door, composite door, paint-free door

Performance characteristics

Low vibration and smooth motion ensure higher workpiece quality

Adsorption point adsorption, can absorb materials of different sizes, large suction, more convenient, stable performance

Advanced domestic control system, fast processing speed, easy operation and easy maintenance

Configuration parameters

Model W3 W3-1530
X/Y/Z axis 1220*2440*200mm 1500*3000*200mm
47″ *94.5″ *8″ 59″ *118″ *8″
weight 2.6T 4.2T
5720 Ibs 9240 Ibs
Table Cast iron vacuum adsorption table
Spindle Italy Air-cooled variable frequency spindle,9KW/12KW optional
Movement Taiwan PMI screw and linear guide transmission
Work speed 40 m/min   (1575 in/min)
Tool change Automatic tool change, 8-24 tools can optional
vacuum pump 7.5KW,The flow rate is 250m3/h
Control system Taiwan  Control System
Driver Japan Yaskawa  AC Servo
Electrical appliances Schneider Electric, France

Case display




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